Bulk-Billing for Full-time ANU Students

Bulk-Billing for ANU Students

From Monday 4th February 2019, Doctor Ahmed Synousi and Doctor Jon Rankin will bulk-bill Full Time ANU student consultations.

All other Doctors at Hobart Place General Practice will charge ANU students Concession fees.

A student wanting to be bulk billed must nominate one of these doctors when making an appointment.

To be eligible for bulk--billing the student must present a current Full time ANU student card at time of first appointment.

If a student fails to keep a first-time appointment without giving at least 6 hours’ notice the Practice will not accept another booking from that student for three months.

Direct-billing for Allianz OSHC

If you hold a current OSHC policy and attend Hobart Place General Practice the bill will be sent directly to Allianz Global Assistance and you will not have to pay or submit a claim.  Please advise OSHC policy holder details at time of booking.